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Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Load Capacity

The following formula is generally used to calculated the wheel load capacity; truck weight + load divided by three.this calculation is brought about by the fact that very often,because of uneven floorings,only three wheels constantly rest on the ground.flooring condition,holes,rails,differences in level on goods-lift or steps are always to be considered when calculating capacity load.


For the ideal choice of wheel in consideration of the type of floor,it is useful to remember this simple formula;soft wheels for soft surfaces and hard wheels for soft surfaces. In some environment,such has offices and hospitals,wheel must be very silent without leaving any train during the movement. In industrial environment they must be characterized by high smoothness and resistance to strong stress,without damaging flooring. In other cases they must be resistant to acids,oils and chemical agents or stand high operating temperatures.

Swiveling movement and smoothness

Castor smoothness depends on load,wheel diameter,tyre,kind of hub,bearing,rollers or bushes and types of flooring. In addition to these factors,the forks swiveling movement also depend on ball diameter and rotation system,offset and type of bearings.

Electric conductivity anti-static

The use of electrically conductive wheels is becoming more and more frequent. The wheels we produce have less than 10^4 ohm electric resistance,are characterized by polyurethane non marketing tyre and ensure excellent smoothness, capacity load and operating life. All wheels are subjected to 100 % quality checks.

Resistance to chemical agents

The presence of chemical agents,liquids,grease or vapour may cause alteration of the mere surface when is discontinuous, but in cause of permanent surface,the mechanical qualities of the wheels or their components can be endangered. Before using the wheels in similar conditions, we recommend consulting our technical department and testing every wheel component during the actual working conditions.

Non marking

Nylon wheels have always had the disadvantage of leaving dark trails on flooring. The experience we have acquired in the hospital field,which is particularly sensitive to this problem, and constant research have enabled us to produce high-quality antistatic polyurethane wheels that do not leave any trail on flooring both during the movement and while remaining stationary for a long time.


High pressure or autoclave washing is more and more necessary. SWIIFT wheels that are designed for this king of use are equipped with special protection against corrosion stainless steel,excellent water repellent grease, special electro-oplating and plastic materials with high technical and mechanical characteristics ensure high performance and long operating life within this sector which is continuously growing.

Climatic conditions

Rust is the first enemy of wheels and and can make them unservicable in short time when they are used in outside environment with high humidity ratio. The zinc,chromium or paint surfacing of SWIIFT product is standardized at a high level of thickness to ensure excellent surface protection against atmospheric agents. In particular cases, stainless steel wheels are employed.

Temperature resistance

Resistance to high or low temperature depends on many factors and wheel components must be designed to meet different requirements. Temperature, humidity,dynamic and static load. stay time and cyclic frequency of use are basic criteria for an accurate choice of wheels.


Operating silence is a factor that is acquiring an ever-growing importance in the choice of wheels. Silent wheels,even on flooring that are not perfectly smooth, can be achieved by acting on some technical manufacturing aspects such as the taking up of the slacks between metallic parts and the use of composites that


The mechanical characteristics,such as smoothness, spring-back,resistance to abrasion,humidity,heat,ultraviolet rays,are all factors continuously monitored during the severe approval tests. Constant research and experimentation of technologically advanced products are applied to production,bringing innovation and quality ti ensure better performance and increase the life of SWIIFT wheels.


Several brake devices are available to allow slope stopping,facilitate direction and lock the 4 wheels of the equipment individually or simultaneously in the desired place with a single movement. Our technical department is at your disposal to meet any requirement.